About Us

It all started with a dream. Our founder, José Manuel Serello, began working at a very young age helping his parents maintain their home. Since he was young, José dreamed of one day having his own restaurant. And that’s how in 1977, in a very humble place, José opened the doors of his restaurant. 

In a few years, and with a lot of effort and sacrifices, José could be proud of his restaurant being one of the best of San Antonio area. They were always cooking with the freshest ingredients brought from Mexico and offering the best traditional Mexican dishes creating a unique culinary experience for its diners.

Since then, the Serello family has continued José’s legacy, who always wanted to be remembered for providing the best quality food in all Texas.

Our Specialty

Don’t miss the opportunity to try our delicious chicken enchiladas, the favorite dish of those who visit us. And for spicier tastes, be sure to try our famous chimichanga.
Enchiladas Verdes

Meet Our Chefs.

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